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Free directory and database of radio stations on FM and AM in Africa.

Directory of FM radio stations (87.5-108 MHz)

Directory of AM radio stations on medium wave, tropical bands and shortwave

Hello radio listeners and enthusiasts, this free radio station directory shows quick & simple country by country radio station listings for countries in Africa, it enables a detailed look at national networks, regional and local radio stations. It often shows whenever possible detailed transmitter location data including map links to the transmitter sites, radio station website links are included as well. Our radio stations directory can be used as a reference or tool to identify or locate a certain radio station. The AM section shows a countrywide listing of reported or presumably active stations on longwave, mediumwave and shortwave, (closed or inactive, planned stations do not show up on the list, they are visible when logging in to the main FMLIST or MWLIST database). The FM section shows regional listings sorted by provinces or states, city or metro area listings are shown listing FM stations up to 160 km 100 miles around a city or larger town. Especially concerning the FM station section, just in case you happen see a new RDS radio station name on your radio display while tuning through your local FM band, please let us know, we are always interested in finding new RDS data as this is a very convenient way to locate or identify a radio station. Many efforts were undertaken in this database to provide as much detail as possible in our listings, if however any data or any weblinks are missing or any new radio stations are planned or launched, please report them to us.

This website is powered by the FMLIST & MWLIST database sites, as a free service for all radio enthusiasts, DXers and amateur radio operators (HAM).

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